Lowbrow Collective

Folk rock Americana with Appalachian flavoring

From the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains comes Lowbrow Collective.  Their unique blend of folk rock with Appalachian flavoring all started at a chance meeting in the heart of Floyd, Virginia at the illustrious Dogtown Sunday Night Open Mic.  Bret Hauman met Jeff Garrett and found they shared many of the same musical tastes.  A selection of deep cut covers mixed with originals and the two were off and running - picking up musicians along the way spanning from Roanoke to Floyd to Meadows of Dan.  The southwestern Virginia group always brings the crowd to their feet and out onto the dance floor.

Bret Hauman,  Ian Hewlett and Betsy LeGallais 

[Special appearances by: Jeff Garrett (co-founder), Eli and Oliver Lamb (Lamb Brothers) at select gigs]

(photo by: Jessie Benson)


Come check us out at the following venues - we guarantee a good time!


Lowbrow Collective

Private Event

Playing a private event for a pretty amazing crowd of people. Hope to see you there!